Pet Daycare, Grooming, and Training in Eagan, Minnesota

At Four Paws Pet Resort, your bet will enjoy the very best in pet daycare, grooming, and training in Eagan, Minnesota. Trust our skilled professionals to care for, groom, and train your pet.

Pet Daycare

Our daycare services include activities and playtime, though your pets are never forced to socialize. Social dogs are allowed to play together, though none are ever required to group up in order to avoid potential issues.

Pet Grooming

You can choose from a variety of pet grooming services. Your pets can be bathed, have their hair trimmed or cut, have their nails trimmed, and cleaned up.


Activities include playtime with four rotations, treat activities, and we offer an optional five-star stay with extra treats and playtimes.

Training Classes

Training classes are also available at our local pet resort. These classes include:
  • Puppy Kindergarten Obedience - $95.00, Six-Weeks, One Hour per Class
  • Obedience Level 1 - $105.00, Six Weeks
  • Obedience Level 2 - $115.00, Six Weeks
  • Personal Training is Available

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