What You Need To Know
Check Ins: You are charged for the night of check in.
Check Outs:
  You are not charged for the day of check out if you do so before 11AM. Check outs after 11AM
are charged a late check out fee of $18 for dogs and $13 for cats.
Early -
Late Arrivals and Departs:
  If you believe you will be unable to arrive or depart during our normal business hours, please phone us to discuss options that may be available at additional charges.
Advance Reservations
- Please reserve your pet’s stay as far in advance as possible. During holiday periods, summertime and spring break we often fill up several weeks in advance.
Reservations are required for all Services
. To make a reservation, you can call and speak with one of our Reservation Specialists. Please be aware that your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a response from us regarding your request.
Accommodations Available:
Townhouse, $31 per night
Patio Flat, $37 per night
Luxury Suite, $47 per night
Kitty Condo, $24 per night
 Resort Activities Program
Tuck-In/Cuddle Time Sessions:
Cuddle Time: Once Daily, $5 each, dog or cat
Cuddle Time: Twice Daily, $10 total, dog or cat
 Feeding options:
Bring Diet from home, or
Four Paws Pet Diets:
Dogs: $2 daily
Cats: $1.50 daily

Add-On’s – Daily Charge for dog or cat:
Room Mats: $4.95 (one-time fee and you own)
Frozen Peanut Butter Kong: $3
Frosty Paws Treat: $3

Additional Play Time Sessions – dog or cat:
PlayTime – Once Daily: $5
PlayTime – Twice Daily: $8

What We Need From You

  • Name and telephone number of your pets Veterinarian
  • Vaccination records must be faxed in advance to (651) 882-2215.  The following vaccinations are required: rabies, distemper, bordatella.  All vaccinations must be current at least 5 days prior to any arrival date. 
  • What we may need to know about this pet?
  • Feeding Instructions - Diet brand, times & amounts for medications, type & dosages
We do require a copy of your pet's current vaccination records on file. 
You may fax them to us at
(651) 882-2215, Click here to set up an appointment.